Luciano D’Agnolo Vallan

Luciano D’Agnolo Vallan is enthusiastic, connecting, communicative and involved. As an independent entrepreneur he inspires and helps teams and companies prepare the internal organization for the expected growth. You can call Luciano to the integral organization of strategic HRM and to increase the impact of HRM on business performance.

Luciano has gained more than twenty years of knowledge and work experience at various organizations in graphic arts, pharmacy, automotive, electrical & installation technology and transport & logistics.
In addition to various HR positions, Luciano worked in (after) sales, line management, learning & development, project & program management and business consultancy.
He comes into his own in the following roles: advisor, sparring partner, process supervisor, change manager, project & program manager and trainer. He specializes in HR strategy, strategic personnel planning, organization blueprint, organizational change, on-boarding, core values & culture, performance & talent management, sustainable employability, HR scorecard and learning & development.

Luciano looks beyond the boundaries of his own field of expertise and approaches HRM business administration. He always takes customer, dynamics and organization ambitions as a starting point. Luciano develops policy that contributes to the realization of your strategic goals. He quickly wins trust and translates complex organizational issues into pragmatic HR solutions that add real value. His approach is creative, positively critical, goal-oriented, substantive and result-oriented.