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Hands On Consulting

Professionals in technical sectors

Practical. Targeted. Content driven. No thick reports, no overhead. We have years of hands-on experience in technical and commercial enterprises, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We feel equally at home in the boardroom and on the shop floor.

Our clients see us as thinking doers. We provide experienced consultants and managers who fit in what you need and your company. These professionals all have themselves gained the hands-on experience that is needed to achieve the desired change. That’s what makes them so valuable. They understand what you need and speak the language of you and your people. People are the key to success, so we do it together.

Together we are a network of professionals

Our partners are all highly experienced and successful leaders, managers and specialists. Our experience as managers and specialists is complementary. When choosing our partners, quality comes first (it should of course be nice people). We have worked together and got exited.

A network company

We are partners in Hands On, but operate independently of each other. The modern way of working in which we carry out assignments independently and cooperate where it adds value. We meet regularly, but do not share a fixed office. We have each other’s professional opinion always within reach and can draw on our extensive network.

Wie zijn we

Together stronger

Radical changes and strategic issues require the use of multiple disciplines. By combining our collective experience and specialization, we have the relevant experience. There is always a second opinion within reach. All partners of Hands On have equal ownership and operate on an equal basis.

Together more fun

We meet regularly. We share experiences, learn from each other to stay up-to-date.

Together easier

We join forces for purchasing essential entrepreneur services. Services that we want to use ourselves and which we, like no other are able to specify and purchase ourselves. For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, for ourselves and for many other independents.

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Hands On

Network of Professionals