How we work

Entrepreneurial Thinking. Hands On Execution.


Always looking to improve

Hands On is specialised in the realisation of practical solutions and real performance improvement in companies that deliver great products and support their customers at their optimal use. Weather you are in B2C or B2B, it is all about maximum performance, highest reliability at the lowest possible cost. From our years of experience we have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of doing business. We are still regularly rolling up our sleeves and get hands-on ourselves. We have managed major projects and organisations and we are in supervisory positions and roles. We are able to contribute to hands-on solutions and to realise them in a pragmatic manner. Hands On offers an innovative look at contemporary services: effective, efficient, and with the eye of an entrepreneur. Your helping hand.


Appealing Vision and Ambition

We work from an attractive vision and ambition for your company that serves as a dot on the horizon and gives direction to today’s choices.

Always thinking from the customer perspective

We always work from “outside to inside”. Getting to know the needs of your customers better and better is the basis for close and loyal customer relationships and sustainable growth. We are looking for facts through personal interviews or for example loyalty measurements. What is really important for the core business of your customers? What immediately delivers value?

Outside in
Business Model Canvas

Hands On Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas ( is a practically manageable method to understand your current organization and see where it can be improved. We use our own version in which we include both hard and soft factors – because both can make and break the result.

“You eat an elephant in slices”

We implement step-by-step to get results faster. If it gets too big, it quickly becomes too complicated. Chances are your changes become too big to handle. Your risk goes up and you easily run out of time and money. We want to get in execution mode while staying in control of quality and risk.


Team cloud solution

We work closely with your people and use efficient team cloud software that makes communication much easier. All relevant documents are always and everywhere available. Keeping overview becomes a lot easier.


Companies can not afford to focus only on core activities and to postpone the renewal of products / services. It is the ONE AND the other, not the one or the other. But how do you do that successfully? How do you maintain focus on the core and start new activities? We did it. Sometimes successful, sometimes not – we have learned lessons from all experiences.


Do what is necessary. Practical. Energetic.

  • We aim for an equally inspiring as ambitious but feasible target (and ”eat the elephant in slices”)
  • Together we develop, implement and monitor progress of the plans and measures to achieve the goals
  • We recommend what is needed to achieve the results
  • We work energetically and pragmatic
  • We support your staff and share our experience in order to improve their performance and develop their knowledge and skills
  • We activate if necessary professionals from inside and / or outside your company
  • We offer a lot of added value in a short time. Our experience and expertise allows us to work efficiently

Develop your portfolio

Create appealing purpose & strategy
Business models, value propositions and channels to market
Business execution roadmap



Create growth

Develop and accelerate sales
(International) expansion
Support merger & acquisition integration



Develop human capital

Create inspiring values and matching behaviour
Leadership development
Team coaching


Improve financial stability

Optimize working capital
Optimize financing and its structure
Implement good governance



Manage risks

Control projects
Configure asset management
Manage risk



Create operational excellence

Practical application of methods such as Lean6Sigma
Simple and lean automation
Implement ‘make or buy’ & procurement

Hands On Consulting